Biodiversity, water and natural resource management


  • Report: Marine Protected Areas

    Intense exploitation of our oceans and seas is degrading marine biodiversity and ecosystems at an alarming rate. The report "Marine Protected Areas: Economics, Management and Effective Policy Mixes" presents good practice insights for effectively managing marine protected areas (MPAs), one of the policy instruments available for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity and ecosystems.

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  • Event: Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum

    21-22 November - The Forum focused on investment, innovation and employment aspects of the fast-growing ocean-based industries, together with policies to protect and sustainably use marine and ocean resources and ecosystems. The meeting documents and the list of high-level speakers are now available.

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  • Report: Groundwater Allocation

    This report " Groundwater Allocation: Managing Growing Pressures on Quantity and Quality" focuses on groundwater and how its allocation can be improved in terms of economic efficiency, environmental effectiveness and social equity.

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OECD work on biodiversity, water and natural resources management focuses on policy analysis to help ensure more environmentally effective, cost-efficient and equitable outcomes.


Groundwater withdrawals have risen sharply in the past 50 years and the resource is becoming increasingly degraded due to pollution and saline intrusion.

On 30 November 2017, Kathleen Dominique of the OECD Environment Directorate discussed the challenges of groundwater allocation and the key questions governments need to answer to establish robust allocation arrangements: how can policies slow depletion, contribute to aquifer recovery and prevent pollution? and how can allocation arrangements be designed to maximise the benefits – economic, environmental and social – derived from groundwater today and in the future?

The talk highlighted findings from the recently released OECD report: Groundwater Allocation: Managing Growing Pressures on Quantity and Quality.

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