Productivity and long term growth

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Berlin, 15 Sept 2017: OECD Global Forum on Productivity Workshop

Co-organised by the Global Forum on Productivity and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, this workshop throws a spotlight on the productivity potentials of a digitized world. It focuses on the determinants, measurement and role of knowledge-based capital and the regulatory challenges posed by digitization.



Strengthening Economic Resilience: Insights from the Post-1970 Record of Severe Recessions and Financial Crises

Given the enduring impact of severe recessions and financial crises, it is important to take measures to minimise the risk of such events. In so doing, the benefits of higher economic stability must be weighed against potential costs. Risk-mitigating measures can involve a trade-off between growth and crisis risk, thus the most cost-effective actions must be identified.


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Global Forum on Productivity

The Global Forum on Productivity is a practical, interactive tool, seeking to dismantle the drivers of slowing productivity growth and proposing ways to improve future prospects. It features a dedicated website that provides:

  • A library section compiling productivity-related literature, sometimes even country specific
  • A selection of databases deemed central to productivity research
  • Detailed country profiles
  • Information about the latest GFP events