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Economic Assessment of Costa Rica 2016


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Stronger and more inclusive growth will require new reforms, Press release

Tackling the three main challenges in Costa Rica: fiscal reform, reverting the slowdown in productivity and reducing inequality, Blog

Resumen Ejecutivo, Evaluación y Recomendaciones, Visión General

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Por una economía más sólida e incluyente Palabras de Ángel Gurría, Secretario General de la OCDE

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The Secretariat's draft report was prepared for the Committee by Mauro Pisu, Alberto Gonzalez Pandiella, Adolfo Rodriguez-Vargas under the supervision of Patrick Lenain. Mabel Gabriel provided the statistical research assistance, and Brigitte Beyeler provided the administrative support. The Economic Assessment also benefitted from contributions by Bert Brys, Daniel Blume, Antonio Capobianco, Mabel Gabriel, Isabell Koske, Chandima Mendis, Ryan Parmenter, Dirk Pilat, Horacio Levy, Shruti Singh and Federico Villalobos.

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