Development finance standards

Information note on the procedure for proposals for changes to the List of ODA-eligible international organisations


In reporting their ODA, donor countries refer to Annex 2 List of ODA-eligible international organisations, including multilateral agencies, international NGOs, networks and PPPs. Core budget (unearmarked) contributions to these organisations may be reported as ODA in whole or in part.

This List of ODA eligible organisations is reviewed annually by the DAC Working Party on Development Finance Statistics (WP-STAT). Proposals for changes to the List must be made by DAC members, or, in exceptional cases, the DAC Secretariat, and then agreed by members on a consensus basis.

An organisation interested in being added to the List should follow the following procedure:

Step 1:  Carefully review our DAC List of ODA-eligible international organisations - General Methodology information note presenting a comprehensive overview of the procedure and methodology applied.

Step 2:  Fill in a first draft of the template for submitting proposals for the List of ODA-eligible international organisations.

Step 3:   Contact a DAC member to support the proposal.

  • The organisation should address itself first to the statistical WP-STAT correspondent of the DAC member country.
  • Submit the first draft of the template to the WP-STAT correspondent who will then decide if the proposal is technically sound to be presented to the WP-STAT and judge if he/she is willing to support the proposal.
  • Supply, as needed, supporting documents to the WP-STAT correspondent. For example, it is often helpful to have a budget breakdown by activity with justifications of their ODA eligibility.

Step 4:  The DAC member(s) wishing to propose a change to the List should send a final draft of the template to the Secretariat by end February for consideration at the next annual WP-STAT meeting in June.

Step 5:  The Secretariat will review the proposal and make recommendations for decision by the Working Party.

Earmarked contributions to organisations not on the List may also be ODA-eligible provided they meet the ODA criterion of having the promotion of economic development and welfare of developing countries as the main objective (see ODA definition). Such contributions would be reported by members under bilateral ODA.


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