Past events


 Past events


SLEvA Fourth International Conference on
Evaluation for Change and Professional Development Workshops

The Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA) in collaboration with the Department of Project Management and Budget Monitoring of Ministry of Finance and Planning of Sri Lanka will hold its Fourth International Conference and Post-Conference Professional Development Workshops.

The 2-day Conference on July 24th and 25th will feature the following four Conference Sessions: 

  • Evaluation for Evidence-Based Decision-Making: Chaired by Dr Arunasalem Rasappan
  • Evaluation for Equity: Chaired by Mr Urs Nagel
  • Evaluation for Public Interest: Chaired by Mr V Sivagnanasothy
  • Evaluation for e-Society: Chaired by Ms Chitranganie Mubarak

Each Session will include an introductory theme address followed by a presentation.

Venue: Colombo, Sri Lanka




24 to 27 July


15th Meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation

Registration open to Members only.

More information

Venue: OECD, Paris - France



 18-19 June

IDEAS Global Assembly

The theme of this year's Assembly is “Evaluation and Inequality: Moving Beyond the Discussion of Poverty.” The Assembly will specifically address the sources and forces generating inequality in the developing world—going beyond still more conversations about poverty and its origins.

Venue: Bridgetown, Barbados



6-9 May

United Kingdom Evaluation Society

2013 Annual Conference: "Achieving results through learning and accountability"

Venue: London


17-18 April

Impact evaluation – taking stock and looking ahead

Venue: Wageningen, the Netherlands

This conference will actively engage participants in reviewing a range of IE cases with different IE methodologies and exploring the core questions. A keynote speech by Dr. Irene Guijt and Professor Elliot Stern (to be confirmed) will set the stage for this exploration and in a panel discussion key reflections and ideas for the future will be discussed.



25-26 March

Evaluation Conclave 2013– Evaluation for Development

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal

Evaluation is particularly critical in the context of South Asia, home to complex social structures, high rates of poverty, gender discrimination, dynamic forces of globalization, sweeping traditional societies and development projects for the large populations of this region.


26 February
1 Mars

Réseau francophone d'évaluation

Venue: Paris


26-27 February 2013 

Conference on Debt Relief in Africa


Venue: Brussels, Belgium

To register for the conference click here.


26 September 2012



Australasian Evaluation Society

Venue: Adelaide, Australia

This year’s theme is ‘Evaluation in a Changing World’. It invites all those with an interest in evaluation to think about the ways our world is changing and the implications for our work roles, issues and competencies.

27 - 31 August 2012

Network of Networks on Impact Evaluation (NONIE) 2012 Meeting

Venue: Rome, Italy

NONIE meets annually with responsibility for organizing the meeting rotating among the member Networks. The NONIE 2012 meeting is being organised by the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) and will be held at the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Headquarters. Visit:


 19-20 April 2012

AFD Conference "Evaluation and its Discontents: Do we learn from experience in development?"

Venue: Paris, France

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26 March 2012

Expert seminar on "Developmental Evaluation"

Venue: Wageningen, the Netherlands

Dr. Michael Quin Patton will discuss the developmental evaluation framework as detailed in his book ‘Developmental Evaluation: Applying Complexity Concepts to Enhance Innovation and Use’.


22 March 2012

Evaluating Budget Support: a New Approach to Show Results Workshop

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

21-22 March 2012

UKES 2012 Annual Evaluation Conference: Evaluation for Results - What counts? Who stands to gain?

Venue: Birmingham, United Kingdom


16 March 2012

1st European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum

Venue: Leuven, Belgium

For more information:

9-10 February 2012

Meeting of  the DAC Evaluation Network (for members)

Venue: OECD, Paris, France

8-9 February 2012

Seminar on the European Commission Evaluation of Support to Justice and Security System Reform

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

The seminar is addressed to a large audience including Member States, other European Institutions, international organisations, civil society and concerned Embassies.

For information and registration please contact:



3 February 2012

Launch of the Arabic/Enlish/French trilingual version of the DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation

Venue: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

22 January 2012

6th Annual African Evaluation Conference

Venue: Accra, Ghana

9-13 January 2012

European Evaluation Society Seminar "The vision and logic of evaluation"

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

The main purpose of this event is to stimulate expansive and innovative thinking about evaluation by attempting to capture the shared values of evaluators, generating imaginative ideas and outlining new perspectives about evaluation theory and practice in the European space.

To register:


2 December 2011

Seminar on the European Commission evaluation of conflict prevention and peacebuilding

The seminar is addressed to a large audience including Member States, other European Institutions, international organisations, civil society and concerned Embassies.

For more information please contact
Venue: Brussels, Belgium


7 November 2011

American Evaluation Association Conference

Venue: California, USA

2-5 November 2011

The Centre for Development Innovation is preparing to run a training on `Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation – Managing for Impact' for French speakers in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

October 2011

Governance and anti-corruption seminar: the current evidence

This Evaluation Seminar aimed to review the current-evidence base for assisting policy decisions directed towards improving governance and fighting corruption in developing countries and to disseminate the lessons learned from recent joint-donor evaluations of development assistance to the governance sector and anti-corruption to identify good practice. Hosted by NORAD.

Venue: Oslo, Norway



18 October 2011

UKES/DFID Workshop on Development and Evaluation: Practical Ways Forward

Venue: London, United Kingdom
UKES will offer international insights as well as an update on its own guidance.  DFID will report on how it is going about building its own community of evaluators.

For more information and registration: 


12 October 2011

From More Effective Aid to More Effective States

Venue: OECD, Paris

This event aims to promote evidence-based discussion of key policy questions on the role of development partners in supporting good governance and building state policies and institutions that can achieve development objectives.


5 October 2011

European Programme for Development Evaluation Training

Venue: Vilanec, Czech Republic

19- 25 
September 2011

2nd International Conference on National Evaluation Capacities

Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa

For more information, visit

12-14 September 2011

SAMEA 3rd Biennial Conference and Pre-conference Workshops cohosted by the Public Service Commission addressing the theme “M&E 4 Outcomes: Answering the 'So What?' Question”

Venue: Emperors Palace, 64 Jones Street, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

5-9 September 2011

Australasian Evaluation Society Conference 

Venue: Sydney, Australia

31 August-2 September 2011

Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network (for members)

Venue: OECD, Paris, France

23-24 June 2011

Development Assistance Committee Meeting

Venue: OECD, Paris, France

16 June 2011

Mind the Gap: From Evidence to Policy Impact 

Venue: Cuernavaca, Mexico

15-17 June 2011

Training in Evaluating Humanitarian Aid (Channel Research and ALNAP)

Venue: Berlin, Germany

15-17 June 2011

The Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA) Fourth Evaluation Conference

Venue: Columbo, Sri Lanka

6-10 June 2011

Training in Evaluation of Humanitarian Action

23 - 25 May (basic to intermediate level)

26-27 May (advanced)

Venue: Brussels, Belgium


23-27 May 2011

Deadline extended for Expressions of Interest to host CLEAR Centers in Francophone Africa and Latin America 

Please also see the FAQs posted with EoI forms

23 May 2011

IDEAS (International Developement Evaluation Association) Global Assembly 

Venue: Amman, Jordan

11-15 April 2011

Managing Aid Seminar: Using Evidence to Improve Aid Policies and Demonstrate Results

Venue: OECD, Paris, France

Summary Report

6 April 2011

Network of Networks Impact Evaluation Network (NONIE)  

Venue: Paris, France

28-29 March 2011

Systematic Approaches in Evaluation (Organised by the Evaluation Unit of GTZ in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development)

For the full documentation of the conference:

Venue: Eschborn, Germany


25-26 January 2011

Tenth Official Development Assistance (ODA) Evaluation Workshop

co-hosted by the Governments of Vietnam and Japan

Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam

24-25 February 2011


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