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Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development


Arab donors have been providing substantial amounts of official development assistance (ODA) for decades and have considerable experience to share on promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries. Engaging with members of the Arab Coordination Group (ACG) is consequently a priority for the OECD Development Assistance Committee's (DAC) Global Relations. The two communities have agreed to meet on a regular basis to discuss development issues, identify ways to better co-ordinate activities, learn from each other’s experiences and become more effective in supporting developing countries’ efforts to deliver development results.


 Kuwait City 2019 ι Bern 2017 ι Vienna 2016 ι Paris 2015 ι Kuwait 2014 ι London 2011 ι Vienna 2010 ι Kuwait 2009


Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development, Kuwait City, 14 January 2019

The 2019 Arab-DAC Dialogue will provide participants an opportunity to discuss how to overcome some of the bottlenecks that hinder implementation of a number of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 2019 Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development will be hosted by the Arab Fund for the Economic and Social Development in Kuwait City, will be focused on the pivotal role of food security and agriculture across the SDGs and their targets; a debrief of the activities of the ACG-DAC Task Force on Education; the Arab and DAC approaches to promoting women’s economic empowerment; and, a discussion on how to accelerate action on water and sanitation to achieve sustainable development.

Co-Chairs' Summary (pdf)


Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development, Bern, 27 March 2017

With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015, Arab providers of development co-operation and members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) are now focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through development co-operation. The 2017 Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development, hosted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Bern, focused on adjusting development co-operation tools to ensure sustainable development; sharing good practice on implementing effective development co-operation; and promoting joint action on education in fragile settings.

Co-Chairs' Summary (pdf)


Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development, Vienna, 18 January 2016

Following the agreements reached in 2015 on financing for development (the Addis Ababa Action Agenda), on the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and on tackling climate change, the 2016 Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development, hosted by the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), brought together high‑level representatives from a range of bilateral and multilateral providers of development co-operation to discuss how to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event focused on development finance and partnerships, and on thematic collaboration around energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa and on the role of the private sector in fragile and conflict affected states.

Co-Chairs' Summary (pdf)


Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development, OECD Paris, 26-27 January 2015

The objective of the 2015 Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development was to identify opportunities for Arab countries and institutions, DAC members and international institutions to build partnerships and be more effective in supporting developing countries in their efforts to achieve development goals.

The discussions focused on strengthening the means of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in the area of reducing trade and investment costs to promote private sector development and ensuring sustainable energy for all.

Co-Chairs' Summary (pdf 914 KB)


Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development, Kuwait, 20 January 2014

The aim of the Dialogue, hosted by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, was to identify concrete actions to address three pertinent development challenges:

  • How to improve joint efforts by members of the ACGI and the DAC to deliver inclusive growth and more and better jobs to Arab states in transition.
  • How to work together to support peacebuilding and statebuilding in fragile states, especially in Somalia and Yemen.
  • How best to work together to support development effectiveness through the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation.

Co-Chairs' Summary (pdf, 776 KB);


High-Level Partnership Dialogue, London, 4-5 July 2011

The High-Level Partnership Dialogue was organised against the backdrop of the dramatic political changes taking place in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at the time and provided an opportunity for participants to share experiences and planning strategies for assisting the region. Participants also discussed the impending Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South
Korea, recognising the opportunity it would create for establishing a new partnership among all providers of development co-operation.

The Dialogue was hosted by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Partnership statement (pdf, 376 KB)


Technical meeting, Vienna, 29 April 2010

Senior operational staff from members of the ACGI and the DAC met at the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) to share views on food security, agricultural development, and energy poverty, as well as to exchange information on Arab development issues. Participants also discussed development challenges in Yemen. The meeting was hosted by the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).


Joint meeting, Kuwait, 10 May 2009

Members of the ACG and the DAC met at the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development to renew the long-standing dialogue they had pursued until the 1980s. The specific purposes were to agree on an appropriate framework for future dialogue, to share lessons and experiences on effective development co-operation and to identify opportunities for collaboration at partner-country level.

The Co-Chairs' report contains an agreed Action Plan for Stronger Partnership. 

Chairs' report (pdf, 512 KB)