Conflict, fragility and resilience

Crises and Fragility


Upcoming events

Spring 2019

INCAF Task Team Meeting


Past events

November 2018

DAC high-level Rountable “Operationalizing the ‘nexus’: Principles and approaches for strengthening and accelerating humanitarian, development and peace coherence”, 19 November

INCAF Director Level Meeting, 20 November

INCAF Task Team Meeting, 21 November


July 2018

Launch of the States of Fragility 2018 report


March 2018

INCAF High-level panel 'Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations', as part of Fragility Forum 2018: Managing Risks for Peace and Stability, 6 March

INCAF workshop on 'Financing and operationalising collective outcomes' (closed meeting), 8 March

May 2018

INCAF Task Team Meetings, 2-4 May


November 2018

INCAF Director Level Meeting, 19-21 November


November 2017

INCAF Task Team Meeting, DLM (Director Level Meeting) and workshop, 6-8 November


September 2017

Expert Group on Risk and Resilience, 25-26 September


May 2017

INCAF Task Team Meetings and joint Gender Workshop


November 2016

28 November – 1 December, 2nd high level meeting of the global partnership, Nairobi

29 November, INCAF Director Level Meeting, Nairobi

30 November, States of Fragility 2016 launch, Nairobi


September 2016

4-5 September, G20 Leaders Summit, Hangzou,

13-26 September, UNGA United Nations General Assembly, New York

22 September, States of Fragility 2016 high-level panel event, New York


October 2016

7-9 October, World Bank - IMF Meetings fall meetings, Washington

10-11 October, DAC Senior Level Meeting, Paris

27-28 October, Experts Group Meeting on Risk and Resilience, Paris


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