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The OECD Guidelines for the testing of chemicals are a collection of the most relevant internationally agreed testing methods used by governments, industry and independent laboratories to assess the safety of chemical products. They are primarily used in regulatory safety testing and subsequent chemical notification and registration. The set of Test Guidelines is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with progress in science and countries’ regulatory needs. OECD-wide networks of national coordinators and national experts provide input from scientists in government, academia, and industry. 
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Call for data on the miniaturised Ames Tests

The objective of this call for data is to collect data on the various versions of the miniaturised bacterial gene mutation test (Ames test), as well as on the standard Ames test when corresponding data are available.
These data would serve as a basis for performing a retrospective validation study of the available versions of the miniaturised Ames test, described in a Detailed Review Paper (DRP) under preparation.
This project is included in the Programme of Work of the Working Group of the National Coordinators of the Test Guidelines Programme and is co-lead by three countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and the US. 

The collected data will be used and analysed by the expert group on the miniaturised Ames test. In case of confidential data, please specify it or code the chemicals in the submission.  

Deadline for submission of data30 April 2018.

Once the submission form is complete, please send the file back to Nathalie.delrue@oecd.org.



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