Border-related Activities


This section is designed to raise the awareness for illegal trade of pesticides and exchange information and best practices on detection of illegal consignments of pesticides on a national and global levels. Members could provide information on the efforts that their organisations are undertaking to intercept illegal pesticides, if this information is public in their respective countries. Specifically, the following areas should be covered:

  • National entry processes of pesticides
  • Commercial trade data on imported pesticides
  • Targeting of products at the borders
  • Results of border targeting
  • Post-entry issues


The specific activities for member countries can be viewed with the following links provided by the regulatory authorities of countries listed below:

Australia GermanyThe NetherlandsUnited States



The APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) works with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and has an established Memorandum of Understanding to formalise that working relationship. 


Organisation of and participation in workshops to raise the awareness for illegal trade of pesticides and to exchange information and best practice on detection of illegal consignments of pesticide products on National and European level.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority are involved in main border related activities, inspecting the import/trade of pesticides, are cooperation with other (federal) agencies in and around the harbors of Rotterdam, Hamburg and Le Havre. 

United States

Pesticide Import Watch Newsletter: Volume 11, Number 1, August 2012: provides information regarding the efforts EPA is undertaking to intercept illegal pesticides

EPA FIFRA Cases and Settlements 


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