Ana, OECD staff


"The OECD is a very exciting place to work where you get exposure to a variety of burning economic issues that are at the heart of countries’ concerns. You are involved in thorough research and monitoring while work for an organisation where your output has a direct impact in the policy-making process.

I was fortunate to start my career at the OECD through the Young Professionals Programme as I had the opportunity of working with really good professionals and mentors in my first assignment. Since then I have worked in different areas, which facilitates the learning about a wide range of economic policies, and helps you to grow in your career.

I’ve had hands-on experience with in-depth country reviews where you get to learn the ins and outs of a country’s system for instance in disability or long-term care, to put it into perspective with other OECD countries and to reflect on ways to improve it. I’ve also worked on projects which were very data-driven and where you try to understand what are the drivers of inequality or what is the impact of working conditions on worker’s mental health. Whatever you work on at the OECD you are sure to have interesting challenges and to meet inspiring people!"



Current role:

Research Economist, Social Policy
Former Young Professional

Prior to OECD:

Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Economics, Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).


Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D. in Economics
Free University of Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute (Netherlands)

MSc in Economics
Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

MSc in Development Studies
London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)
BA in Indonesian Studies
University of Oriental Languages of Paris (INALCO) (France)

BA in International Affairs and International Economics
American University of Paris (France


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