Objectives of the network

The network was created in 2008 under the auspices of the OECD. It includes experts from government-related institutions, and other agricultural economics research institutes involved in the collection or analysis of micro-level data and interested in collaboration. Membership is voluntary and a representative coverage of OECD countries is sought. The OECD acts as convenor and contact between network members and delegates to OECD meetings.

Network members and the OECD share the common goal of improving the quality and relevance of policy analysis applied to the agricultural sector through the use of micro-level data, recognising the increasing need for good micro data and related analytical tools to support improved policy decision making.

The main objective of the network is therefore to support OECD policy analysis through the use of micro-data and sub-national information. The network is expected to contribute to OECD projects by providing micro-level analysis on a consistent basis across a number of countries. From the projects adopted in the programme of work of the OECD Committee for agriculture, the network is expected to identify issues that would benefit from a micro-level approach, identify data sources and suggest innovative and adapted approaches.

Another objective of the network is to share experiences and to demonstrate how micro-level analysis can be used for policy analysis. This will be done through communication of relevant analysis and discussion of data and analytical issues. As part of this objective, the network is expected to draw the attention of delegates to emerging policy issues, where micro-level approaches could be particularly rewarding, with a view to contributing to reflections on the programme of work in the longer term.